Valentine Swim School


Swimming is not only an essential skill, it's good for your health and fun too! Remember, at Valentine Swim School, your first class is FREE.
We teach children (from 4 months of age) to adults how to swim safely and confidently. With our 3 heated pools, we're able to instruct swimming lessons all year round in a secure and patient environment.
What are you waiting for? Swim for fun, swim for fitness and swim for life at our Newcastle/Lake Macquarie pool! To book your child a place in a group lesson, or organise a private lesson or fitness class for yourself, contact us today.


All ages and swimming capabilities can be comfortable learning to swim in our 15m heated pool. As well as private tuition, we have a range of group classes to teach your children pool safety from any age.


Parent & Child Confidence — 30 Minute Class
Infants, 4 months to 3 years
In this program, you will interact in the water with your child under the guidance of our Newcastle/Lake Macquarie instructors. Our Goldfish students learn awareness and confidence from an early age in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. Using patience, practice and repetition, we will help your child progress to Pre-school Learn to Swim.


Pre-school Learn to Swim — 30 Minute Class
Infants, 2 to 5 years
Our seahorses have already developed confidence in the water and are ready to interact in a class environment. Your child will learn the correct kicking, stroke and breathing techniques, as well as water safety skills. Seahorses will progress to freestyle during the program. We encourage regular participation to maintain confidence, co-ordination, strength and skill.


School Age Learn to Swim — 30 Minute Class
All Abilities
The Starfish program is open to all abilities from beginners to advanced. Children in our Starfish group will learn water safety skills, breathing techniques, stroke development, progressing to freestyle and backstroke.


Development Class — 30 Minute Class
As a Tadpole, your child will learn all strokes and how to improve their breathing and stamina. They will also see a boost of confidence in the pool, becoming a member of a team for when they progress through to squad level.


Transition 1 Class — 30 Minute Class
Under the positive guidance of our Newcastle/Lake Macquarie swim instructors, children in the Swordfish group will fine-tune all of their strokes, as well as improve their technique and overall fitness in preparation for the 25m pool.
If you're unclear as to which group your child belongs in, don't hesitate to contact our Newcastle swim school. We also look after the needs of Lake Macquarie locals.


Once your child has learned the essential basics of swimming, they will progress into squad coaching in our heated 25m pool. Squads will keep your child's swimming skills up-to-date. For enquiries, please contact our Newcastle swim coaches today.


Transition Class — 30 Minute Class
Entry level into the 25m pool
As a Mackeral, your child will work on stamina and fitness to adjust to the new 25m distance, whilst refining stroke technique, under the guidance of our encouraging Newcastle/Lake Macquarie squad coaches.


Mini Squad — 45 Minute Class
Our Dolphin class caters for students who have a basic understanding of all 4 strokes. The aim for students in this squad is to improve stamina and fitness, as well as refine technique and skills on all strokes.


Junior Squad — 1 Hour Class
Our Junior Squad students work confidently and effectively to improve stroke efficiency, whilst increasing stamina and fitness by attending regular training.


Advanced Squad — 1 Hour Class
Our Sharks squad class caters for students who are competent in fitness and technique in all four strokes. Our Nationally Accredited squad coaches will aim to guide students to improve and maintain fitness with regular training. We encourage all students to work hard and achieve their goals!


The low-impact, fat-burning, cardio-building workout for all ages. Your first class is FREE!
Each class runs for 45 minutes in our heated pools in Newcastle. Using a variety of equipment, including dumbbells, pool noodles and kick boards, every class is different and fun.


Water provides up to 13 times more resistance than air. This resistance comes from all directions, as opposed to land-based aerobics, where you're only working against gravity. You work to your capability and fitness level.


  • Perfect for all fitness levels—beginners to advanced
  • Great for weight loss/fat burning
  • Excellent cardio-respiratory exercise
  • Increased aerobic endurance
  • Enhanced muscle tone
  • Greater flexibility
  • Ideal for post/prenatal exercise
  • Less stress on joints
    What are you waiting for? Your first class at Valentine Swim School in Newcastle is FREE! Bring your friends, a family member or come alone to join in the fun and reap the many benefits of aqua fitness.
    For more information, please see our Timetables & Fees page or contact our Newcastle Aqua Fitness Co-Ordinator on (02) 4946 6199.